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As a candidate for a vacant Town council seat, I am a proven leader, fiscally sound, pro business and supporter of Back the Blue.

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I'm Bob Breidenstein and I am running for the West Seneca Town Board. I have been a resident of West Seneca for over 50 years, served as the Principal of Northwood Elementary School and the Director of Special Education in the school district, been a Scout Leader at Ebenezer United Church of Christ Troop 409, and a volunteer for Town Wrecker Swim Team and Wings Flights of Hope. My wife, Lisa, and our son, Bobby, and I are proud to call West Seneca our home.

My family has deep roots in West Seneca and date back as far back as the Hamlet of Ebenezer. My relatives laid the cornerstone at the former St. Williams Church. I proudly served as an altar boy at the church with my uncle and namesake, Rev. Robert J. Breidenstein. I played hockey at the town rink before it had walls and vividly recall the many stores that have come and gone from the Seneca Mall and Southgate Plaza.

Some may wonder, “Why Bob?” This is a fair question. But as a half century+ town resident, I know our town needs a plan and vision, fresh ideas and elected officials who can build bridges and mend fences. Too much acrimony and harshness permeate town board conversations. We upsized board membership but regrettably decreased our voice.

The people of West Seneca need solutions we can afford. We need a pro-business minded board to support existing entrepreneurs and  attract new businesses. We need a board committed to improving the town infrastructure, including sewer and water, repairing roads, and finally addressing the flood prone areas.

We need a board that pursues opportunities to support our seniors and recreation services and of course a board steadfast in its commitment to public safety. We need a board who is willing to honor our employees with fair agreements and respect our taxpayers, simultaneously. For three decades, as a public servant I have helped improve student achievement, provided support, built bridges, and removed barriers. I have put forward 10 school budgets totaling nearly $500 million dollars and have never raised taxes!

During this election, I will not say a harsh word about others running for election. I pledge to only speak facts. I will hold monthly community forums to allow you to speak your mind and have meaningful input in decisions about the town we  love. This town deserves a board that will listen and do their homework before they vote. 

I look forward to meeting you and working to earn your vote and--most importantly--your trust.

Be well and stay safe.

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